26 October 2018: The Visitors Australian mainland premiere at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane.

23 October 2018: Variations on Leonard French screening at La Trobe University’s Distinguished Alumni Awards in Melbourne.

4 September 2018: Generative video projection work at BIGSOUND festival in Brisbane.

18 November 2017: soundvision – exhibition of film Variations on Leonard French for La Trobe University 50th Anniversary with 29-piece live orchestra.

3 November 2017: The Visitors screening at the Gartenbaukino in Vienna.

Still from BIGSOUND 2018

Generative single-channel video projection for BIGSOUND festival.

September 2018

Still from Variations on Leonard French

Photo by La Trobe Univeristy

Abstract film commissioned for La Trobe University’s 50th anniversary, with 29-piece live orchestral score, composed by Tamil Rogeon and performed by the Australian Youth Orchestra (13 min 30 sec).

November 2017

Still from The Visitors

Photo by Artur Mackowiak

Video projection for Lawrence English. Rework of segment of Night of the Living Dead (1968).

June 2017

Still from Dark Mofo 2017

Video for Dark Mofo midnight lineup reveal.

April 2017

Still from A Particular Tuesday

Video in support of Norman Westberg (Swans) solo album Jasper Sits Out (11 min 4 sec).

March 2017

Still from Sonic State 2016

Photo by Bryan Spencer

Live visual performance with Heinz Riegler at Metro Arts in Brisbane.

June 2016

Still from Bunny Bill

Video in support of Norman Westberg (Swans) solo album 13 (10 min 30 sec).

November 2015