Still from The Visitors

Photo by Artur Mackowiak

Video projection for Lawrence English (45 min). Rework of segment of Night of the Living Dead (1968).

Concept by Lawrence English.

The Visitors is a 50 minute audio visual homage to Romero’s remarkable film. It is a mediation on the zombie as cultural phenomena. Using one of the iconic zombie montages from the original film, which is drawn out from a few seconds to 50 minutes; the images on screen shift from objects of horror to a dreamlike light play. The faces and bodies of the undead become a focus of attention, something to be explored rather than shunned. Their on screen presence shifts from fear and disgust to a kind of glacial beauty. Matched with an embodied soundtrack of low frequency vibration and harmonic echoes, The Visitors is a work that celebrates Romero’s criticisms of modern systems of economy and power and recognises the role and value of the body as more than just flesh for consumption.


Premiered 17 June 2017 at Borderlands, Dark Mofo, Hobart

FONOMO, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Austrian Film Museum on-location at the Gartenbaukino, Vienna

Cinémathèque Live at the Gallery of Modern Art

June 2017