Paul W. Rankin

Transitioning From OS X to *BSD/Linux


I never felt like using an Apple product meant that I was one of an “us” until Apple brought out their credit card. Now every time I see the Apple logo on my laptop I think of how this company also sells a credit card.

Working within the Apple ecosystem is an increasingly expensive undertaking, and I don’t have the income to keep up.

Apple keeps removing things to further restrict compatibility, e.g. the headphone jack.

Every Mac I’ve owned had needed replacing due to a hardware problem. Luckily these replacements have occurred under warranty, but if I had needed to purchase a new MacBook Pro I simply couldn’t.

Using OS X always feels like being in limbo — you’re always waiting for some bug or instability to be improved, so you’re always waiting for the next OS release, this brings with it improvements but also more instability and bugs.

why not Linux?

Alpine Linux

Simple. I like the name. No systemd. I like the OpenRC init systemm. I like the brutalistic devotion to minimalism, e.g. using musl libc despite the uphill battle this entails.

Void Linux

It doesn’t pose the musl libc problems, e.g. if I just want to run WebKitGTK for surf. It has online man pages like FreeBSD and OpenBSD.