Narrative short film (14 min).

A lonesome young man receives a visit from his ex-girlfriend, and through faltering emotional gestures and clumsy honesty they come to terms with the end of their relationship.

In its smallness, its whiteness and its location hovering over a city, we could almost be in Tokyo. It is a perfect place for an alienated modern youth to brood. And when two people are in the apartment, there is immediate erotic potential: where else can they sit but on the bed?

Brisbane actors Daria Westerman and Nicholas Turner give sensitive portrayals of the lovers. The naturalistic, close filming brings viewers voyeuristically into the room. It is a controlled, poignant performance by cast and crew — a remarkable debut performance for a new film-maker.

– Sandra Hogan, M/C Reviews

Best Actor, Nicholas Turner (nominated) – Queensland New Filmmakers Awards 2009

Best Actress, Daria Westerman (nominated) – Queensland New Filmmakers Awards 2009

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