Still from The Altar of Lies ...

The Altar of Lies ...

“The Altar of Lies Will Not Be Destroyed” music video in support of Bolt Gun album Begotten. Created with all practical effects.

Alternate seamless-loop version created for live performance projection. Album cover artwork created from extracted video still.

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Still from Float Beneath the Sun

Float Beneath the Sun

Music video in support of Jon Vayla album Float Beneath the Sun. Created with all practical effects.

Alternate seamless-loop version created for live performance projection. Album cover artwork created from extracted video still.

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Still from BIGSOUND 2018


Generative single-channel video projection for BIGSOUND festival. Source video created with all practical effects then projected with generative VDMX project.

Still from Variations on Leonard French

Variations on Leonard French

Abstract film commissioned for La Trobe University’s 50th anniversary, with 29-piece live orchestral score, composed by Tamil Rogeon and performed by the Australian Youth Orchestra.

Visuals created entirely from macro footage of Leonard French’s “The Four Seasons”.

Commissioned and produced by Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney, Creative Production Services.

World premiere on 18 November 2017 at soundvision, La Trobe University, Melbourne.

“Variations on Leonard French” was originally commissioned as a live film and music performance, in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of La Trobe University in 2017. The work is based on the sculptural piece by noted Australian artist Leonard French the “The Four Seasons”, acquired by the University in 1978 in recognition of the contribution of David Myers, inaugural Vice Chancellor. This contemporary reimagining of French’s vision, created for the explicit purpose of acknowledging the visual fabric of the University, should be preserved within the cultural collections of the institution for posterity.

– La Trobe University Art Collection

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Watch the full film on FilmFreeway.

Still from Infinity


Live visual performance with Viney-Grinberg Piano Duo at the Queensland Art Gallery.

An improvised 60-minute set in the Watermall, featuring Yayoi Kusama’s installation Narcissus garden using video created with all practical effects.

Still from The Visitors

The Visitors

Video projection for Lawrence English live performance work The Visitors.

Rework of various segments of Night of the Living Dead (1968) combined and manipulated at various speeds to appear like a single original scene slowed 100 times its original speed.

Concept by Lawrence English.

The Visitors is a 50 minute audio visual homage to Romero’s remarkable film. It is a mediation on the zombie as cultural phenomena. Using one of the iconic zombie montages from the original film, which is drawn out from a few seconds to 50 minutes; the images on screen shift from objects of horror to a dreamlike light play. The faces and bodies of the undead become a focus of attention, something to be explored rather than shunned. Their on screen presence shifts from fear and disgust to a kind of glacial beauty. Matched with an embodied soundtrack of low frequency vibration and harmonic echoes, The Visitors is a work that celebrates Romero’s criticisms of modern systems of economy and power and recognises the role and value of the body as more than just flesh for consumption.


Past screenings:

Still from Sonic State 2016

Sonic State 2016

Live visual performance with Heinz Riegler at Metro Arts in Brisbane.

An improvised 40-minute set on the theme of creation and collapse. All video created with practical effects, layered and mixed live.

Still from Bunny Bill

Bunny Bill

Music video in support of Norman Westberg (Swans) solo album 13.

45 min extended version screened for Norman Westberg live performances at MONO 21 and at Milton Art Bank.

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Still from Three Days Before the Storm

Three Days Before the Storm

Two-channel video projection (12 min 43 sec). Screened as part of It Will Find You at Junk Bar in Brisbane.

Written by Christopher Allery. Sound design & score by James Enchelmaier. Presented by Brisbane Fringe Festival.

Still from April is the Cruellest Month

April is the Cruellest Month

Single-channel video projection created for Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Still from BNE 6:07AM

BNE 6:07AM

Single-channel video. Music by Heinz Riegler.

Premiere at Minus 20 Degree Art & Architecture Winter Biennale 2012, Flachau, Austria.

directing editing projection

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