Still from BIGSOUND 2018

Generative single-channel video projection for BIGSOUND festival.

September 2018

Still from Infinity

Photo by Keegan Nicholls

Live visual performance with Viney-Grinberg Piano Duo at the Queensland Art Gallery.

September 2017

Still from The Visitors

Photo by Artur Mackowiak

Video projection for Lawrence English. Rework of segment of Night of the Living Dead (1968).

June 2017

Still from Sonic State 2016

Photo by Bryan Spencer

Live visual performance with Heinz Riegler at Metro Arts in Brisbane.

June 2016

Still from MONO 21

Photo by Bryan Spencer

Video projection for Norman Westberg (Swans) performance (a 45-minute rework of “Bunny Bill”) at the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane.

April 2016

Still from Three Days Before the Storm

Two-channel video projection (12 min 43 sec). Screened as part of It Will Find You at Junk Bar in Brisbane.

August 2015