Paul W. Rankin

Awards in Cinema

film award
Palm Springs (2020) Best Use of Kate Bush
Best Romantic Moment 2020
Crawl (2019) Ultimate Cheese Award 2019
Razzie for Dialogue 2019
Most Irresponsible/Useless Father Award (Decade: 2010s)
The Attenberg Award for Most Inaccurate Portrayals of Nature
The Paul Thomas Anderson “I Give Up” Award
WTF But That Kinda Ruled Audience Choice Award
#MeToo Award for Bravery 2019
First Man (2019) The We Can Achieve Incredible Things Award for Humanity
The “Guidance is Internal” Best Countdown Sequnce
Days Of Thunder (1990) Greatest Tom Cruise Moment
Aliens (1986) Greatest Line (Cinema)