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It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of Hang Him When He Is Not There, the debut novel/collection by one of my closest friends, a writer I consider among the very best living writers, Nicholas John Turner.

Sometime last year Nicholas came to me with a Microsoft Word document and asked how we might turn this into a book — a real thing that might live on bookshelves and in the hands of commuters and café patrons and drowsy night owls. So began the arduous journey of layout, typesetting, and revisions upon revisions, until he and I felt the book was ready for the world.

It is without exaggeration that I say I consider this a work of genius. Reading the collection instils equal parts wistfulness and dread. Despite the deft omission of any immediate violence (physical or otherwise) there is a persistent sense we’re skirting the exterior of some horrible development that can never be completely grasped. It’s like checking into some remote motel where through the wall you can hear the dull and indistinct sounds of a terrible argument. Highbrow for sure, poignant and brilliant.

From the official announcement on publisher Savage Motif:

…each of these elusive stories emerges from its narrator’s mind and works its way under the reader’s skin. From a Centenarian stuck in a shrinking Parisian apartment, to twins arranging escorts on the Caribbean Coast; in place of clear narratives, straightforward logic, and neatly extractable meaning, Turner imposes the strange and irreducible philosophies of his marginal narrators. The effect is a series of curious and intimate profiles that brings an unnerving denominator to the surface, and takes the reader where mere pointing will not.

Available on Amazon and at the following local and international independent booksellers: Avid Reader (West End), Little Gnome (Wynnum), Berkelouw Books (Eumundi), Shakespeare & Co. (Paris).