An alternate cut of Blade Runner that fixes small issues I’ve always had with one of my favourite films.

The cut is the international theatrical cut (i.e. including voice-over) with some minor changes. Where I included footage from Blade Runner: The Final Cut I’ve corrected the colour grade to match the original.

  • Added improved audio from The Final Cut of Bryan’s line “I’ve got four skin jobs walking the streets.”
  • Added audio from The Final Cut of Bryant saying two replicants were killed running through an electrical field.
  • Added footage from The Final Cut of the serial number on the snake scale to match dialogue.
  • Added footage from The Final Cut of Joanna Cassidy’s digital face replacement in Zhora’s death scene.
  • Removed Gaff’s repeated “It’s too bad she won’t live…” line when Deckard sees the origami unicorn.
  • Removed epilogue of Deckard and Rachael driving. The film now cuts straight to black at the elevator.
  • No stupid unicorn dream.

Available upon request.

February 2016