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Hello. My name’s Paul W. Rankin and I’m a filmmaker based in Brisbane, Australia. I started using the “W.” around the time George W. Bush invaded Iraq. LOL.

I call myself a filmmaker (rather than director, producer, etc.) because I usually do everything by myself. This is mostly through necessity because no one wants to hire me anymore. My greatest strength is my artistic integrity, which is indistinguishable from years of calcified rationalisation that anyone more successful than me has sold out. With my sharp critical eye, I’m able to find fault with almost everything. I inspire in others an unshakeable suspicion that I’m a fraud.

Instead of film school, I studied philosophy. My aim was to understand the role of art beyond simple self-expression. My bookshelf is brimming with potential knowledge—almost one-third through Being and Time!

Proficient at staring at ceilings.

I should have written more screenplays by now. I should be writing now.

More recently, my unhealthy relationship towards other people’s attention has spurred a foray into live performance.

I’m very skilled at creating unpaid, time-sucking jobs for myself as a method of avoidance, like developing an open-source screenwriting program for GNU Emacs (a platform hardly anyone uses), or launching a blog about cinema and filmmaking with a couple of friends just because, or making meaningless cosmetic changes to this site.

Bio for PR people

Paul W. Rankin (b. 1984) is a filmmaker and video artist based in Brisbane, Australia. His live visual practice employs layers of continuously mixed video to create a space that hangs in the balance between the abstract and representational. His visuals are created from practical effects, using no CGI. He has collaborated with world-renowned musicians and sound artists including Lawrence English, Norman Westberg (Swans), and Heinz Riegler. His work has screened in Australia, Austria, Germany, Serbia, and the United States. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Queensland in 2013.



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