Paul W. Rankin

Hello. I’m a filmmaker.

My aesthetic intent is to create visual spaces in which to escape analytical thought in favour of the phenomenal experience of seeing.


9 June 2016: Sonic State – Live visual performance with Heinz Riegler at Metro Arts in Brisbane. Presented by Queensland Week.

21 April 2016: New video for Eugene Carchesio, “Meteor Field”.

14 April 2016: MONO 21 – Norman Westberg (Swans) performance at the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane featuring a 45-minute reworking of my video piece.

26 February 2016: Hang Him When He Is Not There, by Nicholas John Turner, a brilliant debut novel that I helped produce, is now available on Amazon.

17 February 2016: Fountain Mode version 2.0 is now available, featuring a host of new features.

16 January 2016: Created a LaTeX template for screenplays.

12 December 2015: First release of t_done, a simple CLI todo list manager.

7 December 2015: First release of envbot, a shell script for super simple directory-specifc environment variables.

21 November 2015: New video for Norman Westberg (Swans), “Bunny Bill”.

26 August 2015: Magnetic Tape 1 + 2, two-channel video projection, screening at The Junk Bar as part of It Will Find You. Presented by Brisbane Fringe Festival. (Sold out.)

29 May 2015: New web artwork Towards Inherent Meaning.

14 April 2015: New web artwork Are You There G-d?.

9 February 2015: New video for Lawrence English, “And He Sleeps”.

18 September 2014: April is the Cruellest Month screening at Little Creatures Dining Hall as part of Fringe Film: Digital Creatures. Presented by Melbourne Fringe Festival.

10 September 2014: First release of Olivetti, an Emacs minor mode for a nice writing environment.

16 January 2014: First release of Fountain Mode, an Emacs major mode for screenwriting in Fountain plaintext markup.